Andre Richter



I work at NVIDIA as a Senior System Software Engineer.

I have a Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), resulting from research I conducted during my time as a Research Associate at the Chair for Integrated Systems.

Open Source Code

My LaTeX template for my TUM PhD thesis: tum-dissertation-latex.

I wrote a Linux kernel module that measures latencies of PCI(e) devices: pcie-lat.

I wrote a script that automates binding of PCI(e) devices to the Linux VFIO module: vfio-pci-bind.

If you need to dump an SPI EEPROM in raw format to your PC via an Arduino, I have a piece of code for that: arduino-spi-read-eeprom.

I designed and use my own Emacs theme called Lush. Find it on Github or MELPA.